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As a professional brand communications marketer and experienced creative designer with 25+ years’ experience, I offer a professional and cost-effective solution to producing engaging content and managing your complete marketing communications output for both SMEs and Agencies.

About Me

Over the last 25+ years of working in the design, brand, and marketing industries, I have had the good fortune to work across a variety of industries, a variety of media and with a number of great colleagues.

As an experienced and passionate brand developer and creative storyteller, I can help you to develop engaging and easily understood communication solutions to complex business narratives.

I have worked both ‘in-house’ in marketing and design departments and in a number of dedicated agencies as well as spending time previously as a freelance designer offering design, brand consultancy and creative support a number of design agencies in London, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Creative and strategy go hand in hand and together, and I believe that by working in close collaboration we can create smart, beautiful work that’s right for your business and long-term goals whilst maintaining budgets and employing cost-effective solutions.

Mark Ingleby design and brand communications

ALWAYSE Social Media Video Campaign content. Creative direction, scripting and concept.

Brew Yonder Social Media Campaigns. Creative. Design. Concept and copy.

Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.

ideiio Social Media Campaigns. Creative. Design. Concept and copy.

ALWAYSE Engineering. Social Media. Design, concept and copy.

Press Advertising. Design, concept and copy.

Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.

I am comfortable working both in-house alongside your colleagues or remotely in my own office and can pull in creative resources on an ‘as and when’ basis – ensuring best cost and most appropriate marketing and creative solutions to fit your business communications specific needs.

If your business does not have an internal marketing function or you feel is paying large sums for Agency marketing, I can offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution or work with you to increase capacity at high volume times and with short notice – including:

• Graphic design
• Digital and Social Media
• Print
• Large format outdoor advertising
• Video
• Photography
• Exhibition design and management
• Point Of Sale
• Packaging
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.
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