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Hello there. I’m Mark, I can help you create a great brand story for your business with engaging content.

No matter what Digital, Social media, Branding, Packaging or other marketing communications you require, I can offer creative and strategic solutions to deliver results that amplify the reach of your brand, product or service and leave a lasting impression.

So, what are the benefits of working with me?…

Well, you’ll have all the benefits of an in-house, on-demand marketing department without the negatives; office space, computers, staff, paid holiday, national insurance contributions.

I offer professional branding, design and marketing services for your business – no matter what size, I can work with you at your premises or remotely.

Have a rummage through my site for more examples…

Mark Ingleby. Creative Social Media Content.

Testimonials. What others say…

I had the pleasure of working with Mark at The Conscious Marketing Group. Mark is a highly skilled Creative Director with a plethora of skills across the creative and marketing spectrum to draw from. With a refreshing down-to earth approach, Mark is professional, personable and always striving to improve his client’s offering and thinking of creative ways to help his clients shine.

Iona Proebst
Social Media Specialist

Working with Mark was a great experience – we briefed him to design some social posts/billboards for Linkup. Not only did Mark nail the copy, he also nailed the designs!

Very impressed.

Ben Whatson
Co-Founder at Linkup

We hired Mark to work on our launch campaign for Linkup. We were extremely happy with the work he produced and will for sure be the first person we hit up when we require the expertise again.

All in a great experience!


Mark is very passionate about his work and has an incredible eye for design and concept generation.

He brought a fresh look and feel to key projects such as product catalogues, sales presenters, product designs assisting NPI’s and marketing campaigns. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented mind. He will add vibrant creativity to any business.

Anita Chumber BA (Hons) MCIM
Marketing Manager. Feridax 1957 Ltd. September 2022.


I asked Mark to work on the branding and communications for Big North Films Ltd. After he worked for me in a previous unrelated business I knew how strong he was with brand communications and thought what he could bring to the table would be perfect for what we were trying to create at Big North.

Mark has a skill for creating a strong brand and tone of voice and has the experienced professionalism that allowed him to plan the strategy for the rollout of the Big North Films Ltd multi-channel communications over a 12-month period, which is now in the early stages and both myself and Gino (Creative Director) are delighted with what Mark has brought to the table so far, in terms of design, brand strategy, and communications knowledge. His down-to-earth attitude without being the least bit precious over anything submitted for review is also a pleasure to work with and fosters a very strong working relationship with all the team here.

Not only are we delighted with him for all the above but Mark also doesn’t seem to ‘take the pee’ with his pricing – always helpful, clear and honest. This is of particular importance when trying to get a new project off the ground working on a tight budget as we are.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for support from a proven branding professional.

Ben Toye.
Commercial Director. Big North Films Ltd.

Mark was able to provide an objective viewpoint of our brand and highlight areas that we should improve to strengthen our brand awareness and communication.

Working with Mark on our brand and communications strategy forced us to take a much-needed step back and think about our brand from the foundations up.

In doing that exercise we now have a much clearer direction of where we need to be brand-wise, which has helped tremendously with our content strategy and lead gen activities.

Natalie Parsons.

Since Mark started with us at MotoGusto he has made significant inroads into massively improving our social media presence, consulting with us on best practices and latest thinking / trends as well as adding content to the mix as well as delivering design, art direction and copywriting skills on our Motorbike Magazine.

Best decision I’ve made so far as editor.

John Allsopp, Editor and Owner. MotoGusto Magazine

I worked with Mark for a period of time at Conveyor Units, before he moved on to do his own thing – I found him to be passionate and skilled at all things brand and content – his designs and the brand/strategy work he had undertaken for the company were of a very high standard and it was great to receive positive comments about the FLEXI branding and stand design he was responsible for, at the various exhibitions I attended.

I would recommend Mark to any business that wants to give its communications a competitive and unique edge.

Marc Hurn. Sales and Marketing Director, Conveyor Units Ltd. April 2022

Working for Mark was definitely the push I needed to start becoming a more creative marketeer… 

his forward-thinking and designs were inspirational and I take lessons from them even today.

Mark took charge of a company that had no clue about marketing and drove it to new heights. Taking a lesser-known brand and re-forming it to be sophisticated and well designed whilst still managing world-renowned brands to the highest level.

Mark’s abilities and marketing drive were well beyond the constraints of his role. I hugely thank Mark for all the help and advice he gave to me and wish him all the luck in the future.

Michelle Garvey. Marketing Communications. APM.

Mark is a very creative and forward-thinking person I have worked with Mark on many projects over the last 10 years. 

He has always been a pleasure to work with and he knows exactly what he wants and knows how to work with people at all levels and disciplines in order to get the best and most ‘on-brand’ results to create hard-hitting campaigns.

Chris Taylor. Expert in Media Communications. Managing Director. Media Group.

He took Feridax a wholesaler of the top motorcycle brands to a level of professionalism that was required to move the business forward. 

I worked with Mark for over 6 years when reported to me as Head of Brand Marketing. He also helped to grow our own brand within the motorcycle market.

He was able to bring a lot of the outsourced work in-house and therefore were able to maximise our marketing budget to the max. I would be happy to recommend Mark to any business that needs to develop its brands within a market. Thank you for all your help in the past! Robin Harris.

Robin Harris. (former) Managing DIrector. Feridax Ltd.

Mark has been a great colleague to work with and a real driving force behind transforming how we market our products and brand.

We have a global network of distributors and customers so quality and consistency was key. Mark delivered. He is very helpful and knowledgeable across all social media platforms and in creating marketing campaigns that help our brand stand out, often from just a rough brief and putting his own creative twist on it to make it eye-catching and engaging.

We have also spent time creating new video content for our products and Mark handled all aspects of this from the brief to overseeing the filming and editing of the video to make excellent finished content.

Jonathan Leafe. Export & UK Sales Manager / Engineer. ALWAYSE Engineering.

I have worked with Mark on many projects for Brand Marketing communications including his complete development and creative direction of a clothing range

…including branding and marketing direction. I have always found Mark to be professional, driven and above all passionate about getting the best results out of any project and those he works with.

Mark always has a keen eye for detail not just on the project but the budget too and is a hard, but fair bargainer! I look forward to working with Mark on many projects in the coming future and happily recommend him as a creative and drive brand marketeer.

Shaun Kelly. Account Manager at Inspired Thinking Group.

A modern brand professional has to have an increasing arsenal of increasingly disparate skills to call upon at a moments notice.

The ability to make lightning-quick tactical decisions while having the vision to strategise the long-game; the tenacity to procure the best talent without losing an arm in the process; the skill to lead a team and business acumen to communicate with suppliers, clients and stakeholders simultaneously – and above all – the creative instinct to spot a great idea/campaign when they see one and the eye for detail to see it through.

Mark has all of these qualities in spades and throughout his career has anticipated and embraced the ever-changing landscape while remaining a thoroughly grounded person.

Mark Urey. Creative Director at TMW Unlimited.

Mark has a sharp eye for creative and sharp wit to boot. 

He has a deep and informed understanding of what is ‘creative’ and the possibilities of that great creative – so he can write a brief that’s bang on brand and, more importantly, understandable!.

Having produced digital content for him, and working closely with him under his creative direction: I always can guarantee that Mark is organised, driven, and consistently produces great work. A great asset to any prospective client.

Sam Davis.
Company Director & Filmmaker at Henry.

Just a few examples of my work…

Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.
Mark Ingleby design and brand communications
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.

Helping small businesses grow big...

Mark Ingleby. Logo and Brand Design.
Mark Ingleby. Logo and Brand Design.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.

I can work with you to create engaging content that builds your brand for long-term growth …whether you require design, social media, copy, content or photography and video.

…I can direct, script and cost-effectively manage the whole creative process for you, from concept to completion.

ALWAYSE Engineering. Social Media Video Content

Sidi Casuals Clothing. Concept and design for Retail POS.

Mark Ingleby. Logo and Brand Design.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.
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