Hello there. I’m Mark, I can help you create a great brand story for your business with engaging content.

No matter what Digital, Social media, Branding, Packaging or other marketing communications you require, I can offer creative and strategic solutions to deliver results that amplify the reach of your brand, product or service and leave a lasting impression.

So, what are the benefits of working with me?…

Well, you’ll have all the benefits of an in-house, on-demand marketing department without the negatives; office space, computers, staff, paid holiday, national insurance contributions.

I offer professional branding, design and marketing services for your business – no matter what size, I can work with you at your premises or remotely.

Have a rummage through my site for more examples…

Mark Ingleby. Creative Social Media Content.

Testimonials. What others say…

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Just a few examples of my work…

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Helping small businesses grow big...

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Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
Mark Ingleby. Creative Concepts and Advertising.
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I can work with you to create engaging content that builds your brand for long-term growth ...whether you require design, social media, copy, content or photography and video.

...I can direct, script and cost-effectively manage the whole creative process for you, from concept to completion.


ALWAYSE Engineering. Social Media Video Content

Sidi Casuals Clothing. Concept and design for Retail POS.

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Mark Ingleby. Logo and Brand Design.
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Mark Ingleby. Design and Brand.